How to Become a Perfect Lover

In the memory of every woman, there is remembered a man who gives her most pleasure in bed. How do women choose champions among lovers? Each woman is special. One woman may adore something that another doesn’t tolerate at all and vice versa. However, nature has taken care of each of us and that is why we can find a suitable couple. Therefore, every woman has own methods of determining the perfect sexual partner.

Become a Perfect Lover - How to Become a Perfect Lover

  1. Intimate parameters

While men piously believe that the size plays an important role in sex, women practically don’t pay much attention to the partner’s parameters. As practice shows, the decisive role will be played by the factor how qualitatively a man uses his main organ during sex.

  1. Gallantry

How to be the perfect lover? It turns out that good manners of a partner can play a big role. But the picture can be the opposite – there will be no trace of bright and unforgettable sexual experiences if a man doesn’t give enough attention to a woman.

  1. Technology of intimacy

Men who are hyperactive in bed can also cause both wild ecstasy and complete misunderstanding. But most still argue that a partner who, as the hero of a German film for adults, is concentrated and emotionlessly engaged in an intimate process for several hours – at least, annoying. A woman begins to feel that she plays the role of some kind of simulator. Of course, there are women who like this approach. But we warn you beforehand: you can look for her for a very, very long time. Therefore, we strongly recommend you learn sensuality and romance in bed because you can master the technical skills at any time if you want. This is how to be the perfect lover for a woman.

  1. Love to intimate process

There is a category of men who can be called fans of sex. They are always ready to experiment, improve themselves in sexual skills, and they feel good with almost any partner. These men are able to give confidence and liberate even the most inexperienced girl. Yes, it is extremely difficult to imagine such a person as an exemplary family man, but he deserves the title of “Ideal Partner for Intimacy” more often than others. The intimate process should be sincerely loved. Only in this case, it will bring real pleasure to you and a partner and you will not look for tips on how to be the perfect lover.

  1. Sexual harmony

It often happens that lovers have completely different political views, musical tastes, and vital interests, but they like the same in bed. In other words, they value the same things in the process – positions, options for foreplay, duration of sexual intercourse, etc. If such unanimity was manifested suddenly, then such a couple can be considered absolutely happy because this is an extraordinary rarity. If harmony in sex coincides with harmony in souls, partners have all the chances to live a happy life together. If there is not a single uniting detail except sex, then only sweet memories of perfect intimacy will remain.

  1. Something special

Although every woman has her “first man”, he will not always be considered the best. Sometimes a woman has to wait for years until she meets a man who opens the door in the world of true pleasure. And her sex life may become qualitatively different at the moment when she realized that she had no idea what sensual facets were hidden in her. Every subsequent man will be subconsciously compared to this man, who, moreover, will be awarded the title of “The best lover”.

So, the best lover is the one who, first of all, may bring pleasure to a partner and only then takes care of his own desires and feelings. After all, everyone who tries to give more can be rewarded with a double pleasure. Find your perfect lover on date Russian singles site and get the maximum pleasure.


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